What are Stem Cells?

They are Master cells, meaning they can become any type of tissue in the body. Everything in our body stems from "Stem Cells". Our bones, muscle, organs, nerves, hair and even our eyes. They naturally occur in our body, and they provide natural healing mechanisms to damaged tissue. The problem is, as we age they start to decline. 

Is it safe?

Yes, after over 350,000 treatments performed throughout the nation. There has been no report of immune rejection or Infection. These cells have not developed a immune response yet, and they have been thoroughly screened, so our bodies immune system has nothing to respond to or reject.

How does it help with pain?

The key is to get the Stem Cells into the affected area. Pain is due to inflammation, inflammation is due to damaged tissue.  The Stem cells will start to repair the tissue, and that's when the pain will start to decrease. The Stem cells we use also have Collagen, and Growth factors naturally occurring with the Stem cells that create a frame work for the cartilage and damaged tissue to be built back up. 

What conditions can it be used for?

Back pain, Knee pain-(arthritis, Tendonitis), Shoulder pain, Hip pain-(arthritis, tendonitis), Neck pain, Facet joint syndrome, Osteoarthritis-(all joints), Neuropathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Inflammation, Nerve Damage, Degenerative Disc Disease, Lung issues, Macular Degeneration, Chronic Pain, Autoimmunity, Cartilage defects, Tendonitis, Tennis elbow.

What's involved with the treatment?

Injection of Stem cells at the sight of tissue damage. Also included is 4 Acupuncture treatments which has been shown to help Stem cell Growth,  and Nutritional Consultations to provide a great environment for Stem cells to grow and Thrive.

Is there a Guarantee?

Like with all medical procedures there is no guarantee. But the amount of procedures being performed and the great results people are getting makes it such a exciting effective therapy. However this treatment may not be for everyone. Call in to schedule a consultation to get assessed and see if it will work for you. 

Is there any research behind it?

Stem cells is one of the most researched procedures out there. it is more heavily researched than many medications out there including statins. America has done a lot of research, but so has China, Europe, and Brazil. If you would like more information call or email and I will gladly send you a e-book on stem cells, research, and testimonial videos.

What is the Cost?

The cost really depends on the amount of Stem cells used. A finger joint for example may take .25 units, while a Hip may take 2 Units. Again if you would like a consultation feel free to call and see about this exciting therapy.


Why would a Acupuncturist team up with Medical Doctors to perform these procedures?

Most medical professionals who specialize in something usually A) Had to deal with the problem, or B) They know someone who had to deal with the condition. For me it was watching the pain and complications that my own dad had to deal with in his Knee replacement Surgery. It made me seek out the safest and most effective procedure to try and prevent such conditions from getting that bad. I went to a very busy office to witness the procedures with people traveling thousands of miles to get the treatments. I have attended the seminars and got trained in this exciting therapy because I've seen the effectiveness of it.