Frequently Asked Questions

What is acupuncture?     


How does it work?




 Do the needles hurt?



Is Acupuncture Safe?



What should I expect?



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Acupuncture is a 2,000 year old Chinese medical practice involving the use of needles in specific parts of the body to stimulate healing.

Depending what the condition is, the basic principal is to remove blockages. These blockages happen as a result of stress, injury, overuse or even diet. The blockages can occur in the nerves, muscles and tendons, and blood. Like a hose that gets blocked preventing water from flowing to a garden, Qi or energy can also get blocked causing all sort of symptoms. For example, pain, numbness, stiffness, fatigue etc. When the needle is inserted it can remove the blockages and allow Qi to flow again. When inserted into certain points of a muscle it can "reset" the dysfunctional muscle group swiftly and precisely. The needles can also restore balance to the brains neurochemicals which can get disturbed from such things as nicotine, alcohol and drugs.


The sensation from the needle varies. Some people feel a slight sensation while most feel nothing at all. The needles are so small about the size of a human hair or whisker. Sometimes depending how tight the muscles are you may feel a slight contraction which is the muscle releasing.

Acupuncture is extremely safe. It is a all natural drug free alternative to many of today problems. The needles are all sterile, and used only once before being thrown away.


 You should expect results. Usually four things can happen, either 1)you notice relief right away, 2) your symptoms get worse for a day then the next day you feel better, 3) You notice a change after 3-4 days. Or 4) No change at all.

 The longer you have had the condition the longer it may take. There are 3 types of care that I do 1) Relief care- getting you relief from the symptoms, 2) Corrective care- Correcting the root cause of the problem and, 3) Preventative care- Preventing the condition from coming back and from other problems that may occur. I usually recommend 3 treatments and a evaluation after the third time to make sure we are on the right track and you are getting relief.

  • Acupressure- The use of fingers instead of needles to give relief.
  • Moxibustion- The burning of moxa over a point in increase circulation and enhance treatment.
  • Guasha- The use of tools over specific areas to break up scar tissue, and lengthen tight muscles. Great for neck and shoulder pain, carpel tunnel, Sprains and strains.
  • Cold laser- A laser that will not burn but helpful to reduce pain and inflammation and to increase circulation good for nerve conditions i.e. bells palsy, shingles, carpel tunnel.
  • Micro current- A small electric wave used with needles or pads to reduce pain and stimulate points to enhance their overall function. For example, sciatica or addictions.
  • Oriental herbs- A combination of herbs used to treat the root condition not just the symptom. Great for internal conditions like colds and flu, digestive problems, infections etc.
  • Nutrition- Nutritional supplements and sometimes dietary modifications to enhance health and restore nutrients

   The cost of a treatment can vary depending on what the problem is. Some complaints might take a quick evaluation for a one hour treatment. There might be a lot of complaints that might take a bit more time, but the costs are all affordable. Feel free to call for a evaluation to see how much it might cost. Many health insurances also cover now which require a small co-pay.  We also take workers compensation, and no-fault auto accident insurance.  Consultations for acupuncture and or herbal supplements are free.