"My first visit to get acupuncture was a week ago suffering from severe pain in my mid-back, hips and feet from 3 years ago.  Multiple car accidents caused most of the problems.  It was so bad that it interfered with everyday activities.  I went to 7 doctors , 2 physical therapists and (including a neurologist and orthopedist).  I got no relief except pain medication, and my condition kept getting worse.  I was referred from a friend, my chiropractor and the Kaiser website.  Finally after 3 years of discomfort the pain in my feet is getting better, the mid-back pain is much less as well as my hips".  ~ Susan P.~  Puna, Hawai'i

I have been going to Aaron Ishigo once a month for the past 9 years. I sometimes have problems that I go in for such as neck & back pain, but it has always been what I refer to as my "Mini Vacation.". Because it is so relaxing. ~Rosalie S.~   Mountain View, Hawai'i

 I had pain in the low back from 5 weeks ago that first started from bending over while vacumning, and aggravated from bending while painting.  The pain was excruciating, just to stand up from sitting was very difficult.  I was referred to Big Island Acupuncture from my massage therapist.  "I have had excellent results, no pain whatsoever.  I even did construction/ painting work after the treatment".                                                                                            ~Milton F.~  Hilo, Hawai'i